2017 Marine Villa Neighborhood Association

We meet at the Irish Corner Pub January thru October on the Fourth Monday of the Month. Please join us! 

For any general information, please contact us:

Telephone: 314.632.MVNA • Email: info@marinevilla.org

Marine Villa Neighborhood Board Members:

President - Stephen Jehle  Telephone: 314.540.8783 • Email: president@marinevilla.org

Vice President - Travis Estes • Email: vicepresident@marinevilla.org

Treasurer - Michael Ferguson • Email: treasurer@marinevilla.org

Secretary - Sarah Frei • Email: secretary@marinevilla.org

Past President - Andrea Janes • Email: pastpresident@marinevilla.org

Special Committee Chair Contact:

Development Committee Chair -  Pam Wucher • Email: development@marinevilla.org

Beautification Committee Chair - Sarah Jane Ulrich / Matt Sims • Email: beautification@marinevilla.org

Membership Committee Chair - Tom Winker • Email: membership@marinevilla.org

Other helpful Contacts:

CSB Citizens Service Bureau • Phone: 314.622.4800 Twitter: @stlcsb

Police Non-Emergency • Phone: 314.231.1212

Third District Community Outreach Officer - Patrick Clancy  • Phone: 314.444.2500 Email: pmclancy@slmpd.org

Alderman 9th Ward - Dan Guenther 314.622.4273  Email: guentherd@stlouis-mo.gov

Neighborhood Improvement Specialist 9th Ward - Barb Potts • Phone: 314.397.1091 Email: potsb@stlouis-mo.gov

Alderman 20th Ward - Cara Spencer • Phone: 314.622.3287 Email: spencerc@stlouis-mo.gov

Neighborhood Improvement Specialist 20th Ward - Mark Mindon • Phone: 314.657.1354